Effectiveness and commitment
About us

Innopharm has been established in 2006. From the very beginning we adopted a two-way model of business activity and development.

On one hand, we create information about medicines and undertake educational steps connected with it for the use of pharmacists, doctors and patients, on the other, we offer consultancy services for non-governmental companies and organisations active in the pharmaceutical and health sector in Poland.

We are a team of professionals specializing in different areas. Among us you may find not only pharmacists, doctors and psychologists, but also economists and lawyers.

Our team offers a comprehensive approach to a product or products’ group, which our client wishes to introduce to the market. At our disposal we have a thorough knowledge and practical skills from the scope of pharmacy and health care in Poland. We are experienced in working for the public administration, pharmaceuticals producers, wholesalers, chemists and hospitals.

On the Polish market, we introduce effective solutions in distribution and sale of products and activities supporting this sale. Additionally, we offer a high-quality and competent information about medical products, medical articles, dietary supplements and beauty products aided by educational activities among health care professionals and patients.

In 2010, during Spanish Presidency in the EU, we were invited to the European Parliament as experts to present a speech on information about medicines to the patients.